Wonderful evening walk at the Eggenberg Palace, Graz

I was on a business visit to Graz with very little time to spare myself an extra day to explore the city. So, I sneaked out from work that Friday afternoon on the early spring month in Graz. Eggenberg Palace of Graz was one of those places which I would not give a miss to visit. It is one of the highest rated tourist attractions in Graz. Google is not wrong on this and it deserved the rating it had got. If you are interested to know more about the history of the palace, follow the link to Wikipedia   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eggenberg_Palace,_Graz.

Eggenberg Palace

When I reached there after about 20 minutes walk from the hotel Ibis is Europlatz, I felt a little disappointed not to find the palace big enough to subdue the comparative mind that I had, being hailed from India which is home to majestic and humongous palaces. I don’t want to sound in a negative way, but it was a small palace. But, there was a very special feature the palace had. It was the garden and the lawn surrounding it on all four sides. Such a calm & peaceful place it was, that I didn’t remember how long I had spend walking around alone, taking pictures and telling myself that it was a wonderful place to be.

The huge lawn with relatively smaller palace was a perfect combination. I am sure the then architect knew exactly what would work. The peacocks would spread their wings showing off the elegancy they carry. The small pond with crystal clear water on the right side of the palace was home to many fishes and peacocks. Along the banks there were few strange looking yet beautiful trees which would make it an unforgivable beauty. You can have a look yourself here.

The Pond in the Eggenberg Palace

The beautifully maintained green lawn with perfectly positioned grooves of trees were a treat for the eyes. The combination of all these features of the Eggenberg Palace was good enough to make anyone happier. I was a happier person, relaxed from inside, and full with positive energy when I left the place.

The green lawn

That’s why I always love sneaking out from work once in a while and never to give a miss to visit such wonderful places.


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