My First Ramen

Though I am over 30, I still love Japanese anime movies and cartoons. The favorite among them is Naruto. Waiting each week for the new episode was dreadfully hard, but to a devotee the long wait was always paid off satisfied. Naruto is more than just an anime movie, but, I have learned a lot about friendship, persistence, simplicity, and the meaning of life and happiness. Apart from all these, I have also developed the love for ramen along my journey with Naruto. This interest was awakened after seeing how much Naruto loves to have a bowl of ramen after getting back from his adventures.

Ramen is a Japanese delicacy. It’s just like any other noodles, but looks much clearer and simpler. It is served with clear broth and boiled or roasted meat. Boiled vegetable can also be served along with it. The origin of this delicacy can be dated back to thousands of years back in Japanese history.

So, inspired from anime movie, I decided to┬átry my hands on the first ramen. Cooking has always been a part of my love since I was in teens. Even now, I cook for myself and I strongly believe that it is an effective way of busting the stress accumulated over the day after 9 – 5 or even longer desk job, at-least for me.

Being overtly positive about my cooking skill, I started of the flag with the task of getting all the ingredients ready. I did spent some time checking out on YouTube videos about ramen. It seemed relatively simple and easy. Here in the list below, you can find the ingredients I have collected.

1. Few slices of pork
2. 2 packets of Ramen sauce
3. Soy sauce
4. Sesame oil
5. 1 clove of garlic
6. Few spring onion

First, I cooked the ramen noodles in the pot of boiling water for not more than 5 minutes. The noodles was then strained. After done with the noodles, in a fry pan I fried the pork with the clove of chopped garlic, soy sauce and sesame oil. Before frying, the pork had to be sliced into thin pieces. It makes it easier and faster to be fried.

In a stock pot, I placed the pork, 4-6 peices of halved garlic cloves, soy sauce, small slices of ginger, chilli powder and halved slices of 2-3 green chillies and brought them to boil. I let it to simmer for 5-7 minutes. Meantime, I checked if it was according to my liking. The salt seemed little less, so I added a pinch more.

I put the noodles into the bowl. Then arranged the pork on the top of the noodles along with two halves of boiled eggs. Then I put few leaves of spring onion. and poured the broth into it. You can see for yourself how it turned out in the featured image. For the taste, I can only share that it was really yummy, and healthy.

After this first hands on ramen, I tried few more times in few different ways which looks something like this. Trust me, all these were yummy.

My second ramen
My second ramen with beef.


My third ramen
My third ramen with chicken and vegetable leaves.

It’s very simple to prepare one and anyone can try it. I strongly suggest, you can definitely upgrade your confidence in cooking with this.

Honest confession – The first two ramen was prepared by my flatmate because he being a better cook than me. I find it easier to pen down the process when I put myself as the first person. So, my fellow readers, please forgive me for that. But, it’s true that I have prepared the third ramen. It was little less yummy than the previous two but still worth it.

Please share your feedback about how the ramen looks in the comments.

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