Beans of Jo

A walk among the woods at Nongriat Village, Meghalaya, India

Seriously, I am bored to death, sitting and looking into those screens whole day. I am system designer, mechanics, working in a firm that is considered to be the best when it comes to Vehicle and Engine Testing Technology. The idea of sitting inside those closed rooms, looking at those screens, taking the stress day and night to meet the customer requirements would just kill me if I continue working for 5 more years.

Unfortunately, I have to work for some more time may be a year or two. I have to earn little more money and then soon there will be the long awaited moment where I would say “I quit” and would head straight to hills above the cloud and walk through the woods and cook the meal beside the stream which I love doing more than anything else.

“Beans of Jo” is the solace. I have been fond of writing. I have written couple of poetries, short stories which I have kept to myself. But, once I got into the job, these things slowly got off from my hands. Life has gotten too much mechanical of lately. I realize I have been doing nothing else. I have been killing the beautiful life.

This is how “Beans of Jo” is born. “Beans” are the seeds of every different aspects of life that brings happiness, joy & fun to the “Jo” – the precious life.

To be honest, I have been kind of Jack of All. Somehow, I seem to know a lot of things about a lot of things. I love cooking, I love travelling, I love writing, I love reading, I love designing machines, I love reading psychology, I love analyzing political issues, etc., etc., But, I am no expert in any of these, which I feel is not advantageous. With “Beans of Jo” I aim to groom each of this interest into mastery. I know it will take time, but after leaving the Job, I know I can find the time to live my life. Ultimately, when I breath my last breathe, I want to tell myself, I have had an awesome life.

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Cheers to life !